Why you should choose us?

        LICians is an accredited agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India (L.I.C.). When choosing an insurance agent, you want a corporation you can trust. We are an Authorized Insurance Agent appointed by LIC of India. We offer an array of L.I.C. policies that can be customised to meet your specific needs. These policies range from individual plans to group schemes to pension plans. We will be glad to provide customized policy consultation. We work to provide best and customised Insurance solution to all clientele. We work in such a way that you get good service and prompt payment during claim and maturity.

        As an agency associate, our duty is to provide the need base products to our clients, as insurance agents, it is our accountability to offer you the most excellent service and the exact coverage, at the best feasible cost.

        Advisor will get in touch with you when you mail your query here. He will then personally guide you through the various policies and recommend the best policy for you. Please browse through these pages and get in touch with us to get a detailed over view.

A plan for every need

        Recognising every need to secure a safe future, LIC provides you with different policies that talk to you individually and give you the most suitable plan that can fit your requirement.

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        If you want to Buy New Insurance Policies than call 9022-456-123. (Mumbai)

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